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A Regal Affair: Athira and John's Enchanting Wedding at The Westin O'Hare

We had the distinct pleasure of weaving together the dream wedding of Athira and John, a celebration that transcended the ordinary and embraced the extraordinary. The Westin O'Hare, bathed in the soft glow of moody and romantic lighting, became the canvas for a love story told in shades of midnight blue and starlight vibes.

The intricate play of lighting and decor, expertly crafted by us at Afrin Designs, created an atmosphere that was both darkly romantic and regally elegant. The midnight blue and starlight vibes took on a deeper, more intimate hue, casting a spell over the venue that resonated with the couple's unique love story.

Ben Ramos Photography and Shutter and Sound Films skillfully captured the nuances of the event, preserving not just the visual beauty but the palpable emotion that permeated the air. Every photograph tells a story of love, enchantment, and meticulous artistry!

As we reflect on this event, we extend heartfelt gratitude to the talented vendors who contributed to the creation of this unique and unforgettable wedding. To Athira and John, may your journey together be as timeless and enchanting as the magical day you shared at The Westin O'Hare.

Decor & Design: Afrin Designs│Venue: The Westin O'Hare│Photography: Ben Ramos Photography│Videography: Shutter and Sound Films│Wedding Planner: I Do Wedding Planning│Makeup Artist: Darshi Patel│Hair: Diem Angie Beauty│Entertainment: Do It All Entertainment


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