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Celebrating Love and Tradition: A Halloween Weekend Wedding with a Sikh Twist

A canvas of love and culture while embracing the mysterious aura of Halloween, was this reception and jaggo ceremony. The evening was painted in shades of purple and blue, reflecting the mystical spirit of the season.

The reception venue was adorned with dark branches, adding an enchanting touch to the ambiance. The cake itself became a testament to the theme, humorously proclaiming "Death Due Us Part" and captivating the essence of the week-long celebration that harmonized with Halloween's eerie charm.

In the backdrop of this glamorous setting, we were immersed in the rich Punjabi Sikh tradition, particularly the Jaggo ceremony. The Jaggo ceremony holds a profound cultural significance, symbolizing the call to awaken. It's a pre-wedding celebration embraced by both the bride and groom's maternal families.

During Jaggo, family members arrive at the wedding venue in a jubilant procession, marked by singing and dancing. The spotlight is on the female relatives, who take turns carrying a gagger—a decorated earthen pot illuminated with candles. Dancing alongside, they brandish decorated sticks adorned with bells, adding an element of joyous symphony to the occasion.

This special event unfolds a day or two before the wedding, serving as a vibrant prelude to the main ceremony. It symbolizes the excitement and jubilation surrounding the upcoming union, adding a unique layer to the wedding festivities.

In a delightful collaboration with the bride, we brought the essence of the season to life through carefully crafted pumpkin centerpieces. These pumpkins, lovingly painted by the bride, adorned the tables and added a charming touch to the overall decor. Each stroke of paint was inspired by our design vision, aligning perfectly with the Fall theme and infusing a sense of coziness and warmth into the atmosphere.

The Jaiseka reception stood as a beautiful fusion of tradition and contemporary revelry, reflecting the true essence of love and togetherness. Afrin Designs brilliantly orchestrated this memorable event, encapsulating the beauty of cultural heritage within the mysterious allure of Halloween. An evening to remember, where love met tradition amidst a palette of dark hues and glamorous extravagance.

Vendors: Design & Decor: Afrin Designs │ Photography: Roman Bartkiv │ Cake: H Cakes │ Sangeet Jewelry: Naaro │ Make Up & Hair: SDK Makeup │ Henna Henna By Sheeru │ Sangeet Outfit: Vastrakala Boutique


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