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Love Prevails: Sheela & Alnoor's Unforgettable 2020 Wedding

Almost four years have passed since this wedding, and the memories are as vivid as ever. Sheela and Alnoor, long-time partners, decided to tie the knot amid the challenging circumstances brought about by the pandemic in 2020. Their love story unfolded in a restaurant parking lot, but you would never have guessed judging by the photos!

Despite the world around us in 2020, we had the honor of being a part of their journey, transforming a tent into a dreamlike space that radiated love and joy. The bride's mom, showcasing her talent and love, personally crafted Sheela's beautiful wedding dress. It was a testament to the lengths people were willing to go to create something extraordinary despite the challenges.

And while it's a memory from what seems like a distant past, it's one that still brings warmth and inspiration to our team. After all, it's because love prevailed, turning what could have been a somber occasion into a celebration of commitment and unity!

Vendors: Design & Decor: Afrin Designs Photography: Maha Studios


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